Meals and Recipes

I’d like to say I’m doing the Paleo Diet, but unfortunately I can’t really afford to be perfect. Carbs are cheap, and I have a ton of spaghetti noodles, potatoes, and bread. My plan is to keep my carbs below 100g per day, which I am tracking with help from The Daily Plate.


Two large eggs poached in water
2 slices of Great Value whole wheat toast – no butter
3 Banquet precooked turkey sausage links

Total calories: 308
Total carbs: 22.08
Total protein: 25.6

A turkey sandwich made of
2 slices Great Value whole wheat bread
1 slice Great Value pepperjack cheese
4 slices Buddig smoked turkey

Total calories: 140
Total carbs: 24.6
Total protein: 22.6

Note: Cut calories and carbs by removing one slice of bread, bring calories to 230, carbs to 14.6, and protein to 20.6.


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