About Emmy

I’m a 29 year woman happily married to an English immigrant, who I often call Mister Picky Pants (or MPP). His immigration has been extremely expensive and continues to be so as we work towards his citizenship.

I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Psychology from Kaplan University in December of 2009. My plan was to work for the state of Missouri (my home state) as a social worker or in some other capacity. I had interviews and it was looking good, but then the economy collapsed and the state went on a hiring freeze. I was technically unemployed until August of 2012 when I was hired at a local hotel doing laundry, housekeeping, and working the front desk as needed. I enjoy working there and think all the people are great, but sadly I only work maybe 12 hours per month. It’s barely enough to buy food. In addition to this, I run an Etsy store where I sell items I make. Since August 2002, I have been making cosplay props, and I love it. During May, November and December, I make scented candles and tarts and sell them at local craft shows. I would love for my candle business to really take off.

I’m lucky in that I don’t have to pay rent where I live. I’m the caretaker of a lovely property owned by people who have basically become my family over the last 15 years. Eventually though, my husband and I would like to have our very own house. First, we’re going to have to get our finances under control. As of 10/29/12, my husband is working around 22 hours per week at a local gas station, so that will help bring in some more money. We have to be very careful with our spending and try to get some of the debt out of the way.

I wrote a novel when I was 17 that I paid to have published in 2006. It’s terrible! I have another novel I’ve finished that I think is great, and I would love to be able to share it with the world. More than I’ve wanted to be anything else, I have wanted to be a writer.

After finding a diary I began when I first turned 20, I realized that not much in my life has changed. I still obsess about losing weight that I never lose, I talk about all the things I want to change and then never try, or I will start projects and then stop. I have had some anxiety issues that I have had to learn to deal with. I have lived my 20s in such a way that I don’t want to live my 30s.

This blog is about my journey to become mentally, physically and financially fit.


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