Break it down now.

I dissected my list.  This is going to be my week.  I will follow this devoutly, as if it were scripture.



S. 1 Mercury wand + compact

Phase 1 of 3 Neptune wands, 2 Pluto wands, 2 Saturn wands, 2 Uranus wands (grouting and setting out to dry)

Painting 4 Pegasus wands



Start 6 more Pegasus wands

Finish custom bracelet

Work on SSR necklaces



Finish up SSR necklaces

Make the Serenity Crown

Phase 2 of 9 outer wands (sanding and painting, resting to dry)

Paint tier 1



Phase 3 of 9 outer wands (2nd and 3rd coats of paint, resting to dry)

Begin Cutie Rod and 2nd tier (measuring out wood, cutting pieces, grouting)

Finish up both KM scopes (painting, sealant, gems)



Final phase of outer wands (sealant and Swarovski crystals)

Continue work on rod and tier (more grouting, sanding as needed)

Make Super compacts

Paint Cutie Rod



Finish Cutie Rod

Finish Tier

Make tiaras


Things I can’t finish until I have more supplies…

Order 4: 1 Pluto talisman

Order 10: Glaive, crystal key, spiral rod, tier, pink sugar rod, 10 tiaras, Saturn’s earrings, crescent earrings.


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