ABC Family has been showing Harry Potter every night for the last week and I can’t help but watch it.  Tonight my favorite is one – The Half-Blood Prince.  I love Harry Potter so I’ve been indulging in sitting on the couch and watching each episode for the last few nights.  Tonight is the last night, which is probably a good thing.

In spite of indulging in some of my favorite movies, I’ve been getting quite a lot done in terms of work and chores.  The dishes are under control (for now) so I think what I need to do finish up all the orders that are backlogged.  I would like to do this before I even reopen my store because having a clean slate would be lovely.

In no particular order of priority…

Order 1: Sugar Sugar Rune necklaces

Order 2: S. 1 Mercury wand + compact

Order 3: Neptune wand and Eternal Tier

Order 4: Four pegasus wands, 4 outer wands, 1 Pluto talisman, 8 S.1 wands

Order 5: Princess Serenity Crown, Cutie Rod, Super Tiara

Order 6: Custom bracelet

Order 7: Super compact, KM scope, Super SM tiara

Order 8: Super compact, KM scope, Super SM tiara

Order 9: 2 Pegasus wands, eternal tier

Order 10: Glaive, crystal key, spiral rod, tier, pink sugar rod, 10 tiaras, Saturn’s earrings, crescent earrings.

Phew.  Some of that stuff is from before I got sick, so these poor customers have been waiting for months.  My natural instinct is to write that I suck and feel terrible.  I actually backspaced out “I suck” but I need to just worry about getting it done instead of focusing on the fact that it’s late anyway.  I think I can get all of this done within a month’s time.  The trick is going to be shipping it.


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