Hello, pain.

My husband worked his first 10 hour shift today and I guess it didn’t go well.  He had to work alone for the first time, which would normally be fine except he only trained for two days prior to this, so it’s a little soon.  He said it was a nightmare and that whoever worked the previous night basically hid things from him.  On top of that, he has really flat feet and standing for a long time hurts him.  I need to get him some arch support insoles.

Me?  Well, hauling wood yesterday was an excellent workout, but today my arms hurt (in a good way) and my back is absolutely killing me (in a truly bad way).  I have back issues anyway so I need to see a chiropractor.  Unfortunately there’s only $20 in my paypal account and I actually have to refund someone for an item that never made it to its destination, so seeing the chiropractor isn’t an option.

The plus side as that these things are temporary.  I can get something for Picky Pants to help his feet and I can see a doctor if the kinks don’t work themselves out.

But I do love the way my biceps feel!


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