We’ll be warm for a few weeks.

My mom, my husband, myself, stepdad, stepbrothers and a friend hauled wood today.  I have never hauled so much wood before.  It was a great workout but I made myself sick from overdoing it a couple of times.  We have a great big pile of wood in the yard now.  The house was so cold when I got home, but luckily there were some embers in the furnace so I was able to get a new fire built pretty quickly!

I did well on food. Kept my carbs under 100 as planned.  I have yet to do my Pilates for the day.

I’m stressing really bad about money.  My husbands first paycheck was $9.  Ouch.  He doesn’t get paid for another two weeks.  In the meantime I really need to catch up on work so I can reopen my store and start pulling money in again.

So, financially – bad. Very bad.

Mentally – Okay. Could be better.

Physically – I’m doing my best.


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