Lucky me!

Day 1 was very, very hectic.  Picky Pants had a job interview (and we’re extremely hopeful he gets this job, so fingers crossed for us!) so we spent a majority of the day in the next town over.  When we got home, I made Picky Pants his dinner and he went to bed because he has to get up at 3AM for work, and I got a fire started and got laundry going.  I ate really well today and was able to do my Pilates.  And, uh, ouch.

My buddy Luke and I worked on our menu today!  Unfortunately there wasn’t enough down time.  I’m going to make a point to really truly work on it tomorrow, and at least get a week’s worth of food plotted out.

I would also like to write out a list of all my debts and decide what to tackle first!

I’m also feeling very lucky right now. My mom cleaned a major portion of the dining room which is going to cut out hours of work time for me. I am very appreciative and should do something nice, like cook her some supper!

Date: 11/1/12 11/8/12 11/15/12 11/22/12 11/29/12
Weight: 201.8
Bust: 45″
Waist: 42″
Hips: 49.75″
Left Bicep: 13″
Right Bicep: 12.5
Left Thigh: 24″
Right Thigh 23.75″
Left Calf 15.5″
Right Calf 16″

HTML Tables


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