A little reflection.

I have been having a rough time being motivated the last few days, but today especially.  I made myself get up and straighten up the living room, but it wasn’t that bad so I opted not to take any pictures!  Our schedules are pretty wonky.  MPP started a new job yesterday.  He gets up at 3AM, so I stay up and make him breakfast and then drive him to work.  I slept while he was at work and it wasn’t very restful.  I think I also may be coming down with something in addition to my allergies, so my head feel weird, but certainly nothing a couple ibuprofen can’t handle.

But these issues with lacking motivations aren’t new.  I think it all comes down to laziness and procrastination.  There’s always that, “I’ll start tomorrow.” being chanted in the background, but tomorrow keeps coming and going and they’ll continue to do that.  At some point I need to hop on the wagon.

These are the things I’ve decided need to happen during the month of November.

-MPP will need to learn to drive and get a drivers license.
-I will need to talk to my student loan sharks at least once every two weeks.
-I will need to plan out meals – nothing too fancy.
-I need to spend 1 hour per day on the dining room – pictures of that disaster tomorrow.
-I will straighten up the house every night before I go to bed.
-I will do the kettlebell every other day.
-I will do a 30 day Pilates challenge.
-I will walk for 30 minutes every other day.

I know it seems like a lot but I know with some serious honesty with myself, I can do it.

And even as I type that, I glance over to my diary.  On January 13, 2002, two months before my 19th birthday, I wrote that I hoped to lose some weight and be 170 lbs by my birthday.  I have never reached that goal, not even in nearly 11 years.  Dotted through my diary over the last 11 years is a struggle with weight with very little initiative being taken.  I’m tired of being this person. I don’t want to live my 30s like I did my 20s.


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