A few more days of October left!

It took me a few days to get up the gumption to clean the bathroom, which is pretty bad.  This is the sort of thing I’m trying to nip in the bud!  I guess it’s long beyond the bud now.  Procrastination is the noxious weed of bad habits.  I wasn’t feeling well but I know deep down I was feeling well enough to do it.

The before pictures are on the left and the afters are on the right!


It’s hard to keep things clean.  I envy people who are naturally good at it.  My husband isn’t the most tidy person either, and my mom stays with us and she’s a lot like me in that she’ll make huge messes and then take her time to clean them up.  That’s a really bad habit that all three of us really need to break.  Unlike them, the chaos stresses me out, so much that I will usually clean up after everyone else.  What I need to do is get into the habit of cleaning up after myself immediately after I make a mess, and then a couple days a week sweep and once every couple of weeks mop.  I want to get into good habits before I have children.

Mister Picky Pants starts his new job today.  He has to get up at 3AM and be there by 4.  I’m still up at 10 ’til 3AM because he went to bed at 7PM and I didn’t want to disturb him when I got tired.  I took that opportunity to do all the laundry and clean up that bathroom!  I’ll sleep until he gets off work and then I want to work on building a menu from the things in my cabinets!


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